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free biscuits at the old people's home. they don't allow dogs in the old people's home. disguised myself as an old woman.


Funny pictures about If I Could Text My Dog. Oh, and cool pics about If I Could Text My Dog. Also, If I Could Text My Dog photos.

Can never get enough Text From Dog (textfromdog.tumblr.com)

Text from Dog. This is something my dog monster may have texted me if he could text. it happened.

DadHey dad, forget something at the store? | Lets see, peanutbutter, bread, pancakes. Nope everythings here.  | Well you know theres also cereal and ME!! | Oh thanks. I almost forgot cereal.  | -_-

DadHey dad, forget something at the store?

BAHA-- I don't even like One Direction and this is hilarious XD

Funny text - Epic fail dad - one direction

What If Dogs Could Text? 25 Hilarious Texts From Dogs | Bored Panda

What If Dogs Could Text? 25 Hilarious Texts From Dogs

These are the 18 funniest text messages ever sent that will make you LOL. These funny text messages included funny texts from parents.


A bunch of funny text messages. Screen captures of text message fails, auto correct and more. So funny.

I had to repin it.  I just kept laughing.

Texts from dog. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and read through these funny txts. Oh if only dogs could really text.

Funny Drunk Texts | Dude you were so drunk last night...

woa dude chill phone aint no fruit just cause it had an apple on it!

DadHey how was your day? | I got a detention | Why? | In math there was this question, about Bob ate 10 candy bars and got 8 more  | The teacher called on me and said 'What does Bob have?'  And I said 'Bob has diabetes' | You are definitely my child.....

DadHey how was your day?

If dogs cud text

My Sides Are Hurting From Reading These 'Texts From Your Dog'

Best mom!!

I could see my dad doing this to me. he used to prank call me all the time. I would do this to my kid lol

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