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  • marisha yung

    Superman Cape Suit by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD @ #fashion #clothing #womensfashion

  • Black Milk Fans

    Black Milk Heroes Swimsuit Superman Cape Suit On Sale

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The Good Guy Dress by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

  • Black Milk Clothing

    Catherine Zielonka-Fournier ooh I don't know the exact measurements for this one sorry! But if you send an email to our ladies over there will be able to help you out! ♥ -TJane

  • Black Milk Clothing

    Sarah Fraser if you let the bottom ride up/pull it up it would work! I was thinking of doing the same thing with my Velvet Long Sleeve Dress the other day! ^_^ -TJane

  • Sarah Fraser

    Thank you TJane :)

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Snow White Puff Sleeve Suit by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

  • Black Milk Clothing

    Lizette Heredia LT stands for Long Torso :) and it's where we've added an extra inch into the body of a swim or top of a skater dress :) -TJane

  • Emily Gordon

    God the sleeves on this and the happily ever after dress are amazing!! Please keep this as a sleeve style for future!

  • Black Milk Clothing

    Emily Gordon thanks so much for the feedback honey, we love the sleeves too! ♥ - Lo x

  • LeSwoon Creations

    This may be a silly question...I'm new to the Black Milk brand. Could this be used as a swim suit? Thanks so much!

  • Black Milk Clothing

    Beth Dunford this is a swimsuit :) -TJane

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Size L/XL -The Battle Suit by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

Sleeping Beauty Long Sleeve Dress by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

  • Hayley Daniels

    I think more long sleeved dresses should definitely be made, they're amazing. Especially for the Winter season, it's boiling in the UK right now but by October it'll be a different story! x

  • Black Milk Clothing

    Hayley Daniels I agree, love love love the printed long sleeve dresses! ♥ - Lo x

  • Pamela G

    Ohhhh my heart just feel in love! Defs more long sleeve bodycon & skater style dresses. Plus 3/4 sleeves too!

  • Pamela G

    Please tell me this isnt limited... I might cry :(

  • Black Milk Clothing

    Pamela G not limited! Hooray! :D - Lo x

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The Purple Battle Suit - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

Cavalier Maxi Dress - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

Purple Ninja Spikes - LIMITED (WW ONLY $110AUD) by Black Milk Clothing

Teal Ninja Spikes - LIMITED (WW ONLY $110AUD) by Black Milk Clothing

  • N Nathania

    How limited is limited going to be, like do u had a range on piece number?

  • Black Milk Clothing

    N Nathania I haven't got any exact numbers, but going off the past then there should be plenty of each :D - Billy

  • Honey Sue

    Do these have a lower waist/tighter fit than your other gym designs? I bought the pink spikes and they feel much smaller (and lower in the waist, which is worse) than my sheer ninjas and scribble pants :/

  • Black Milk Clothing

    Honey Sue I wouldn't say a 'tighter' fit just a different fit, they are very firm but also so comfortable and flattering, our best ones yet, but if you don't dig them on you in your normal size, maybe consider sizing up? I personally size up as I'm in between sizes, and the size up just looks muuuuch better on my waistline than trying to squeeze it all in :P They are slightly lower in the waist though and not designed to go over your belly button. ♥ Lana