Great site with tons of iPad apps for the classroom

Heidisongs Resource: 11 Kid Friendly Sites to Watch Free Storybooks Online

implementing technology in the classroom...check out the videos on this site. learn how to do a wide range of technological tasks and there are lesson-worthy videos on the site as well.

50 Of The Best Resources For iPads In Education. This also has a ton of other articles and slide shows of ideas for iPads in the classroom.

Popsicle sticks for an "I'm Done" jar...Students pull a stick when they finish early

10 Things Every Teacher Should Know How To Do With Google Docs

Tips for being a teacher and still having a life! (may not happen in the first year, but eventually you can get out of school in 40 hours a week!)

Setting up your classroom: One of the most valuable parts of your classroom is the actual space itself—there never seems to be enough room! Like time, space is a limited commodity and must be used thoughtfully...

Numbering the iPads

ipads in the classroom

tons of classroom setup pictures and organization ideas


Great resources for a 1:1 or anyone utilizing the iPad in the classroom.

Tons of Classroom Freebies!!!

This site has a lot of great teaching/organizing ideas.

Tons of info on the iPad

Great site for classroom decorating ideas.

Apps for Kindergarten

Displaying iPad screen using classroom projector.

Classroom door classroom

PLICKERS - Do you have at least one device (iPad, iPod) in your classroom, even if it's your own? Then you have a way to get automatic feedback from each of your students in a fun way that keeps all of your students accountable (no more straining your eyes to see every single individual whiteboard!).