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Sure! This one just uses 4 standard hinges, but with 3" screws. The theater one will either need several more of these hinges or a piano hinge instead.

Turn closet door into shelves to extend your storage space. Definitely on the other side of the door though!

Don't you love it - secret passage boookshelves a-secret-door-and-floor-to-ceiling-bookshelves

10 Secret Doors Into Hidden Rooms

I would LOVE to have a bookcase door. They are beyond cool and can be custom made to fit practically anywhere. Someday...

hidden door in book shelves desire to inspire - - Bieke Claessens

Secret doors + murals!

Was a storage space in my 3rd floor apt. There was a window inside with a great view so I thought I'd make it more useful. The bookcase/door was added later using a piano hinge and a gate latch attached to a book. Pull down The Old Man and The Sea and Boom! Secret room.

Ooh - We chould have a hidden doorway like this from our study into our master bedroom!

Houses with secret doors: I officially want a home theater room with a ticket booth door. Awesome!

I need one of these!! NO ONE would know but me me me... =) It would have a Wine Cellar/ Jacuzzi/ Soft Music/ Candles, my best reading books.. That's not asking too much you think? ♥