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How to Trim Roosters' Spurs

by Cody Sorensen
When a rooster's spurs get too long, they can impede his ability to walk properly. A rooster kept for breeding should have his spurs trimmed regularly to minimize the amount of bodily injury his spurs can inflict on the hens in the flock. Spurs on a chicken are like fingernails on a human, and they ...

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Le coq de la France. Love the colors... How can the scheme be incorporated into design??...

Looks like a patchwork quilt! What a gorgeous bird..llll

How to Make a Rooster Be Quiet - wonder if it would work on a crowing chicken?

Breed: Polish "Hey, what are you staring at? Haven't you ever had a bad hair day?"

nature has definitely created some ostentatiously glamorous farm critters!!! ~ w/man's assistance, it would appear!!!

Three Amigos...I love this! My Aunt raised chickens as I was growing up. This makes me think of her which makes me happy

Hester. I'm obsessed with photographing color right now. I can't wait until winter is over and all the white is replaced with those beautiful greens and blues!

Black Copper Marans rooster (aka: Maxon)

Toots loved chickens and so do I.I am down to 9 so I will be getting some chicks in April.Buff Orpingtons and a couple of aracanas and some rhode island reds,I think.

Caption: To many people who have chickens, Barred Rocks are considered "boring" because they're so common, but we think they're one of the prettiest breeds -- especially the roosters.

I wonder if I can get my chickens to stand in my daffodils so I can take a pic like this. Love the colors . -- [REPINNED by All Creatures Gift Shop] ROFLMAO ... probably not. Mine would just mash the flowers.

The rooster gets into position, which resembles a piggy-back ride, standing on her back, holding her neck feathers with his beak and steadying himself...