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How to trim Rooster's spurs

Wowza- look at those spurs!! He's looking handsome and confident enough to use them too

What a beautiful rooster!

Removing rooster spurs. A tutorial with a video. Because Buck is such a nice rooster on the farm and he’s a good rooster for continued breeding program, I would rather remove his spurs then to butcher him…. Now before anybody gets all upset about removing the Spurs of a chicken, it is no different then tagging your cows ears or branding them or neutering your cat or dog. Is part of Farmlife!:

Yes, it's hard being Incredibly beautiful and exotic

Polish Rooster...WOW!

Three Amigos -- Just beautiful!

<3 **

The chicken coop. This is probably not Art to a lot of you but it's the simplicity that I love about this photo.

Are you lookin at me?! Barred Rock Roo

great picture.........

Roosters show aggression for a variety of reasons. They perceive you as a threat or they want to dominate you. Occasionally, your rooster will just be a jerk.

The rooster gets into position, which resembles a piggy-back ride, standing on her back, holding her neck feathers with his beak and steadying himself...

Anatomy of a chicken

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Five Things No One Tells You About Chickens.

Egg hatch guide

Bird Comb Identification

How to feather sex day old biddies