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  • Amy Beth Fitzpatrick

    Your morning adorable: Baby skunks make their debut at German zoo - See more at:

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Skunk: Most people don't realize that rabbits have attitude! Just like this handsome skunk. When I see an animal being tenacious-- I think bunny.

Skunks are so cute even though every night one passes through our neighborhood and leaves his sent behind. Sigh. I'm beginning to think this is his route and he has a leak. If we don't smell him one night, you wonder if he is ok...

She reeks of cuteness: Flo is the newest addition to the Edinburgh Zoo. Just don't startle her. She hates that.

One day I will have a pet skunk. And she will be glorious. Actually, I think I will name her Gloria.

According to Animal Planet, farmers used to keep skunks around to keep the rodent and insect pest population in check. I can imagine my grandfather, a farmer, attached to that arm.

Baby Skunk - but stinky... "I'm gonna getcha when you let me down"

My little Boston Terrier had a run-in with one of these the other day! PU

Baby Skunnnnnnkkkk!!! So freaking cute!