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"This unique vacation house plan has a unique layout with a spacious screened porch separating the optional 2-bedroom section from the main part of the house."

OMG!!! YESSSSSSS! This is exactly what I feel like lol

Ungrateful people have the ugliest attitudes in the world But are quick to run up and ask for a favor!

Couldn't have said it better myself.

No matter how you try to portray yourself to others, God knows who you really are! Hope you're ok with that!

Family doesn't mean shit, at least to her.

Baby naming! The hate is real!

lol! "Yep, I'm Pregnant and Incontinent . . ." Jaimee Preston

You're the one who takes the time to type my name into the search box, and find my board and go through all of my pins. That's an awful lot of effort to go through to then cry about what I pin. Sorry, but the truth hurts, especially when you've been lied to by someone who should always be honest with you.


Haha knowing u lied under oath to get ur way it is what it is bitch but only u have to answer to god for your lies lies lies!!!!! Haha ill just keep laughing at ur dumb bitch ass that stayed with your dumb bitch ass cheating husband lmao

Haha! I agree! Nursing is like a marathon full of final exams. #Nursing #Quotes #Funny

your e card nursing scool | to your Nurse :) / Funny College Ecard: I pledge allegiance to nursing ...


This was so me lol

Lol really

No matter what kind of stories you might tell people about me, I will always smile and be polite to you when I see you. Why is that, you ask? Because I'm a classy b***h.

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Controllers, abusers and manipulative people don`t question themselves. They don`t ask themselves if the problem is them. They always say the problem is someone else. ~Darlene Ouimet


Seriously, how hard is it to be a good person?

FYI: Working full time does not entitle you to nice things. It just entitles you to pay bills.