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There's a Sacred Energy guiding All of us. Its up to each and every one of us to tap into and harness that energy in a healthy and positive manner. Don't doubt it as I've done time and time again. You get the same answer from the lesson learning it the first time as you would time after time, in my case the better part of the last decade.

"Everything I've done, I've done for you. I move the stars for no one." -Jareth

from Foursquare

Alma, MI

bucket list before i die; get a tattoo - #bucketlist #tattoo #beforeidie

I like this idea (or something similar) to remember my boys by.

So I've been getting some hate on this pin for writing that piercings are "marks of struggle," (I deleted the nasty ones). I mean I guess some people would get piercings for no reason, just cause they "look cool," some people do that with tattoos' too, but idk man. I would never do that. Piercings and tattoos on my body for no reason? I would want to point out a different height and depth in my life with each piercing and tattoo I have. So, yea. Hope you guys understand where I'm getting…

Plus, it's not like you'd actually have to be able to tattoo *well*. They're usually drunk when they get them done anyway. -H