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Painful Punch...

or most other alcoholic beverages.... lol

Washington Apple (Alcoholic Beverage) Recipe

Neat summer picnic idea doesn't have to b just alcoholic beverages

Avenger's Alcoholic beverages

Watermelon and Cucumber Mojito #alcoholic #beverage

sex in the driveway alcohol beverage

Strawberry pineapple cooler, non alcoholic beverage :)

Adult Beverage

Mojitos and other low calorie alcoholic beverages.

Midori Margarita (alcoholic beverage)


Lemon Grey Goose Slush - France Epcot. This was amazingly tasty and you don't even realize it's an alcoholic beverage until after you've had a few!!

Peach-lavender sangria #sangria

Fall Sangria

Japanese alcoholic beverage, Doburoku (a variety of Sake, made from rice)

Mango-Raspberry Sangria

Chouchen (France). 'Chouchen is an alcoholic beverage popular in Brittany, France. A form of mead, it is made from the fermentation of honey in water. Chouchen normally contains 14% alcohol by volume.Traditionally, buckwheat honey is used, and this imparts chouchen's strong colour and pronounced flavour.' http://www.lonelyplanet.com/france/brittany

Red Death - 5 different alcoholic beverages and 2 fruit juices - red death indeed! Would like to try, after all red is my favorite color =)

Cantaloupe-Ginger Spritzer Fresh ginger root is a great way to add some punch to non-alcoholic beverages. Combine it with fresh cantaloupe juice for a refreshing drink.

Pineapple Sangria