Inflatable car bed, now this is pure genius! Why didn't they have these when I was growing up?!

If you often take long road trips, make sure you are ready with an inflatable bed! It takes up very little space, inflates in minutes, and turns any back seat into a comfortable bed!

magicswim- an inflatable pool for boating. Tiny holes in the bottom of the pool so lake/ocean water fills the pool without the fuss of seaweed, sand or biting things. This is amazing!!!

49 Cool inventions and gadgets | FunCage

Inflatable car bed // Takes road trip to a whole new level… NEED!!!!

Use a banana to fix a DVD, mayonnaise to remove water stains from wood surfaces, and 33 other tips. i wonder if these work?!


swing bed

Use a blow up kiddie pool and fill with pillows and blankets; then take outside under the stars. ALL THE GENIUS!!

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

The Inflatable Car Bed Makes Trips More Comfortable #design

Self Rescue Bracelet

I want to make my dorm cozy

Pink Bentley <3

Bed Fan helps keep you cool beneath the sheets. I need this.

Long distance pillows. They light up when the other person is sleeping and lets you hear their heartbeat.

car organizer - you wouldn't believe the things my husband keeps in the car! finally a way to keep them all together - this is an ABSOLUTE MUST!

:o Genius


Cool inventions! I love the last one!!