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Dažbog one of the major gods of Slavic mythology, most likely a solar deity and possibly a cultural hero. He is one of several authentic Slavic gods, mentioned by a number of medieval manuscripts, and one of the few Slavic gods for which evidence of worship can be found in all Slavic nations.žbog

Practice This Simple Shape for Collage Art That Will Impress

Granny’s Apple (collage of hand-painted paper on wood panel) by Elizabeth St. Hilaire. Practice This Simple Shape for Collage Art That Will Impress! #MixedMedia #apples

I looked back at the castle, the lights to his room were still on. i could picture him sitting there, Lost in thought, reading, or studying with his tutor. i was suprized by the overwhelming feeling rushing though me. The regret, the feeling that i needed to go back. but i knew i couldn't. This place is not for me, more people to hurt, and more to disappoint. but mostly i had to get away from her. the person always lurking in the shadows. i knew there was a chance that she would follow me

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