• Gina Romero

    PHOTO TIPS FOR MAKING GOOD INDOOR PICTURES Learn how to set the custom white balance for your camera. Noise is visible in dark, underexposed images. You’ll need to shoot at a slower shutter speed or higher ISO inside if it’s dimmer light. Place your subject next to windows. Open your front door and place your subject in it. Near french doors with windows or sliding glass doors can be the best light in the house. Bathrooms can be surprisingly good places to shoot because tubs are often white and make great reflectors for fill light. Bounce in fill light by using silver reflectors, cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil, or foam core. Using a tripod will allow you to shoot slower. Any flat, steady surface can be used like a tripod. Wrap your on-camera flash loosely in a coffee filter bubble, secured with a rubber band for adding soft light instead of harsh flash.

  • Maria Ramirez

    Indoor photo tips

  • Laci Nottley

    Shooting indoors. Coffee filter as diffuser!

  • Laurie Houser

    indoor photography tip: wrap your on-camera flash loosely in a coffee filter "bubble" (secured with a rubber band) to add soft light

  • Janet Hamilton

    Tips for Indoor Photography/ reflector

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