Gentle colors of lavender and white make this butterfly very beautiful

dew on a dragonfly wing

iridescent wings

Green Butterfly


Rainbow Butterfly

cithaerias bandusia, Brazil - ©Rubia Luz -

luminescent wings


Iridescent green butterfly. Soft lavender flower. A little bit of magic.

Butterfly Reflection

Image via We Heart It #animal #blue #butterfly #flower #fly #nature #spring #summer


Butterfly Wing

Gorgeous Lacy Butterfly

Photoshopped picture of a Monarch. They are not actually this color. Thanks Peter Wade for clearing this up!

Pupa; from caterpillar to butterfly . . . Things that Quicken the Heart: Animals in Art - Adam Fuss

For the Love of God by Rizal P*

Butterflies watercolor Print Nature Art Art by Myaquamarine

Blue Butterfly