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I want a man to take me on a road trip on his motorcycle! Brad and Hailey Devine // Tyson French Photography

©Finn Beales | Artifact Uprising Photo Ambassador


I hop on my friends bike and hold on tight and he starts to drive all the boys whistle as we drove by. I tried to ignore them but I have no luck and hear everything they say. I hold on tighter to him and he pulls up to a gas station and I keep my head down.


See Jane smitten with Dick.



"she calls me her man and believes in me. If thats not the best thing in the world than I don't believe love exists" -J-

learn how to ride a motorcycle!

Pedro Martinelli

i love old people, that are still in love. Proves it can happen, you just have to work through everything in Christ.



.. ride ..

Romantic date idea: let's be young and alive. Go on a scooter ride together.

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