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Prayers for Catholic Men. $ 12.99

#OldTestament prophecies about the events of Jesus' crucifixion (from NIV Quickview Bible) #Easter #Lent #Lent2014 pic.twitter.com/Hs42r2PVW7

What Catholics need to know about the ‘anteroom of heaven’

Heavenly Father help me. Dying to self is so difficult and painful to admit. You see, I have to look at my flaws my cracks to let your light shine through. Fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I, self will diminish and you will flourish with each passing moment instead of me. Help me that I may be a reflection of you❤️

"We are saved by FAITH ALONE in Jesus Christ..."

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Have you ever wondered why Catholics pray the rosary, have statues or light candles? This post answers all your burning questions!

You don't have to be a Catholic to realize the beauty of this. What a great way to pray!

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