Lee Kaloidis. Abstract art aqua turquoise teal

09-22-11 by Lee Kaloidis, via Flickr

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Lee Kaloidis

Abstract Art Thoughts: Lee Kaloidis - Fate. Traps. Love


Madeline Denaro

Lee Kaloidis Painting Studio & Gallery

Lee Kaloidis, via Flickr

Torquoise Pierre- create a ground and print on it.

Abstract art...

Hyunmee Lee

Abstract art. Looks so easy until you try to replicate it.

Lee Kaloidis

De Stephano

july132012 by Hiroshi Matsumoto, via Flickr


Stricher Gerard

Lee Kaloidis

Custom Abstract Painting - Original Watercolor/Acrylic Painting - Bright - Bold - Statement Art - Colors of Your Choice

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