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  • Denise Hayden

    Music recognition Apps SO COOL!!!Shazam

  • Selmatica Benoit

    Shazam - With this app if u hear a song, where ever u r at, just open the app, Shazam! tag! and Shazam will give u the name of the song, artist, album and even lyrics. Shazam only needs a few seconds of the song. It will store lost of ur tags. and best of all its FREE.

  • Tracy Fleming-Swehla

    Shazam - great song app

  • dazzle floen skye

    Shazam app - discover, music

  • Social Media London

    Shazam: More Than Just a Music App

  • Ann

    Shazam is a free iphone app that can figure out the name of a song just by being close enough to the music and bonus, you can download the song on iTunes.

  • Z-104 Madison

    Favorite App: Shazam

  • Mobile Geek

    Shazam si aggiorna e aggiunge la compatibilità con Windows Phone 8

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