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How to get rid of ANY urine smell from carpets & cushions to mattresses. This also removed some stubborn sweat stains from a white mattress that bleach & others $pecialty cleaners couldn't. It now looks like new.

Top 30 The Best DIY Pallet Projects For Kitchen

Spray vinegar on windshield before a winter storm & car windows will not frost over + other winter car tips.

This is brilliant! What a fabulous idea! Wine or soda... it would be so nice to be able to reject the ever-present grungy coolers.

Making furniture from obsolete material and and giving new life to old ones 1

MvK: If you had to name the most important couture techniques to master, what would they be? Susan Khalje: Well, being able to fit something perfectly is essential – and that’s tricky, it just is – but apart from that, I’d say that you’ve got to be adept

How to Remove Oil Stains or Grease Stains from Clothes

How to remove set in oil stains Here’s what you’ll need: non-cooking oil (I used baking soda scrap of cardboard (optional) Dawn liquid soap (or any other liquid dish detergent on hand) an old toothbrush your regular laundry routine after stain removal