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requires talent..

I read backwards with ease and am proud of it. Because if I ever get in a spot where I need to read stuff backwards I will be able to and that is and incredible talent. Any talent is incredible and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Did it! Well I mean its pinned to the wrong board but still;-)

did it on my laptop. (no longer typing w/ my elbow.that obviously failed XD, I meant to say: "did it on my laptop, typed it too. Now time to click pin w/ my elbow XD)


I understand. xD It's somewhat of a creative people thing more so than smart people.

haha - hate being home alone when the doorbell rings!

when you're home alone & someone knocks on your door: say "who is it?" look through the peep hole open the door crawl around on the ground like a ninja and look through the window very quitely to make sure it isn't a masked murder

I can read it can you?!?!

I could read it. Can you read it? Repost if you can please. --> I can read this. Its actualy pretty easy.

This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!:)

this doesnt always work but it wasnt funny, harry potter or funny disney so i had to pin it somewhere!

Rebloging This!!!!

I am weird and I don't care. In fact I am proud to be weird and believe I should get some kind of award for it. I happily admit this to the whole world.

Can you answer this ? #riddle #riddles #puzzle I don't know but I think that it is lulu

It's Lulu, because all of them have to have a vowel because. A is a Vowel. E is a Vowel. I is a Vowel. And O is a Vowel. Which leaves U, which brings, LuLu!

Pac Man GIFS - www.gifsec.com

It took me a second to get it.but funny.( it makes a sound like pacman when you put your finger in your ear and scratch)

Pick a number from 1-100. Okay thanks

Pick a number from 1-100.

Funny pictures about Pick a number. Oh, and cool pics about Pick a number. Also, Pick a number.