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    I think I just vomited a little bit....


    Spotted via Bit Rebels, these look like thick, heavily mascara-ed and somewhat knotted eyelashes… but really are the clumpy legs of dead flies. You can thank artist Jessica Harrison for the flighty nightmare.

    mullet and tie dye...thats all im saying

    ideas for your next haircut

    Hello Kitty Chainsaw......*baffled*

    Hello Kitty bongs!??!?!?!?!?!?


    Clockwork hand.

    waiting.....for what? To scare the shit outta some ppl?

    You look out for the Pickpockets, I'll take care of the loose women...

    Instant underpants, just add water??

    Anyone for a Stool Sample cocktail?

    This is Cody - a gorgeous family pet who was covered in lighter fluid and then set alight by 2 young thugs in maghaberry on sunday 26th august - Help support Justice for Cody:

    Fractal patterns after this guy got struck by lightning and they showed up on his back! cool. Trees also have this apparently after being struck.

    There's sun protection, and then there's sun protection...Beachgoers in China have taken to protecting their skin wearing head masks, dubbed 'face-kinis'.

    coloured bugs

    The Kissenger is a pig-shaped robot that relays the sensation of a kiss, allowing long-distance couples to get their smooch on.

    only in China......

    striped iceburg

    fancy sleeping on this

    check out the creepy ghost man on the right....

    boom...the house had no chance!!

    The new hideous Duck Feet nail trend from the US.....what do you think!!!