Proof by intimidation!

20 things to know before your first year of teaching! | Redwood Christian Schools

Math teachers are hip - Hahaha love this #selfie #math #classroom

Sites that I can't do without as a math teacher (and what's so special about each one!) Links to virtual manipulatives, discovery-based lessons, free graphing software, question prompts, eBooks, and more.... Tons of resources for math teachers

Classroom Setup - Exit Slip bulletin board with levels of understanding

If only the kids REALLY knew... ;)

Mrs. E Teaches Math: Slope Interactive Notebook Page Idea

Love this visual for area and perimeter!

Going Over the Math Homework - How Much Time to Spend? Solutions and Options for Every Math Teacher's Biggest Dilemma

Angles, Triangles, and the Start of Geometry in 6th Grade Math! Blog post about some fun new middle school math activities and classroom additions relating to geometry!

8 Unique Formats for Math Warm-Ups - Ideas, strategies, and resources from a few middle and high school math teachers: Combine a few of these for a well-rounded but consistent routine.

Tales of a High School Math Teacher: Classroom Set-Up

Test Correction Procedure in Math Class - the Perfect Alternative to a Re-Take

Get inspired!!! 26 Pinterest Boards for Math Teachers (perfect to bookmark for browsing this summer!)

Visual Clues: Negative, Zero, No Slope--Why have I never seen this before??

Math Mean Median Mode Rhyme-- check it out! Can anyone think of a few more verses?

50 fabulous ideas, finds, tips, tricks, ideas, and freebies for fourth grade lessons, classrooms, classes, students, and teachers

Math Strategy Instruction: Asking Ourselves Better Questions ~ Interesting! (Free ideas.)

Tales of a High School Math Teacher: Classroom Set-Up

I like this high school math teacher's blog. She has a lot of interactive notebook ideas and creative practice activities.