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Basil, thyme, sage. These are indispensable herbs, and they grew in abundance on our front stoop all summer. We don't like paying $2.50 per packet for herbs at the supermarket, so when it gets cold, we have another plan. Fortunately it's not difficult to grow these herbs indoors — even in a tiny kit...
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    One pot herb garden @apartment therapy

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    Indoor herb garden ideas

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    one pot indoor herb garden from Apartment therapy

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    How To: Make a One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden: Basil, thyme, sage. Fortunately it's not difficult to grow these herbs indoors — even in a tiny kitchen. One big pot, some potting soil, and a few herb plants are all you need. You should also have a sunny spot; the herbs will need plenty of direct sunshine...

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How To: Make a One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden by apartmenttherapy #Herbs #Garden #apartmenttherapy