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an artists hands

( open rp ) I stand in the room of requirement. My requirement? An art studio. Every color you can imagine with thousands of ain't risks and canvases. There's usually nobody in here but me. But when I here your footsteps, I know I'm not alone. I turn around slowly with my eyes wide and see someone in Slytherin robes. Oh no, crosses my mind. ~Riley

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This submission to our Tumblr makes us feel like running (not walking) to the studio to get messy with paint! "The Painter Paints" by Andrew Shachat

Paint Paint Paint.

Daryl Gortner Art | Gortner Paintings at Skidmore Contemporary Art

The Organic Artist- everything you need to know on how to make your own art supplies from nature.

old brushes. . .

Crush Cul de Sac

"Awakening" by Simon Bull .

Evening Thaw Painting by Sandra Strohschein


☆ Artist Paula Nizamas ☆ love the fact that you can see the texture of the paint on the canvas

How to paint a realistic eye with watercolor!

Rooster Dreya Novak Painting- Watercolor

Unknown Artist

Ilya Ibryaev

artist's hands it's so true....except I get pencil or tattoo ink on me :)