The story of my life, I make a pot, I fill my cup to keep me warm and I'm soooo giddy. (Imagine that to the song story of my life lol)

I will know I am in love when I feel for someone the way I feel about coffee

Things I like about coffee, things I like about you. (via) The “things I like about you” list needs to be a lot longer, but this is a good start.

62a Relax and Succeed - Life is short

62a Relax and Succeed - Life is short

This is a job for...COFFEE!

Step aside Monday, this is a job for Coffee! :: Coffee to The Rescue! Stop by on your way to work Monday morning!

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Funny pictures about Different Types of Coffee. Oh, and cool pics about Different Types of Coffee. Also, Different Types of Coffee photos.

Coffee-[N.] A magical substance that turns, "Leave me alone or die" into "Good morning, Honey!"

Coffee is a magical substance, oh yes it is! Funny definition of "coffee" (noun): A magical substance that turns "Leave me alone or die" into "Good morning, Honey!

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Best daily shower cleaner pinner has ever used. Just spray once a day after showering to keep shower clean between weekly cleanings.

reminds me of the movie :Marriage Italian Style with Sophia Loren & Marcello Mastroianni. Coffee could cure all!

Keep Calm and Make Coffee is pretty good advice. We need one of tea for the UKers.

Sometimes, you've gotta relax.

A Time to Relax

Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up! An Open Letter To Stress. Who else wants to break up with Stress? Sign this letter by clicking Pin it

Most days this is legit around here | #Coffee

my blood type is coffee // Not totally geeky. but seriously, my blood type is coffee.