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This is terrific design. I love the colors, the font and those shapes.

breanna rose on process: "I get asked a lot why I don’t share more work on the blog regularly, but the truth is … most of my work is a process. Typically, clients will work with me on branding, build-out materials, and their website! Sometimes even more. When combining all of those elements, you’re looking at a good six month process from start to finish, minimum. With that said – final products come by over time, which of course I share. "

Decorative fonts almost seem like illustrations of the words the spell out. Really nice color contrast between background and font color.

2012 U.S. Federal Budget Reports by Ricky Linn

This is a very cool pin because it reveals the developmental process of the "Getaway" logo and logotype. It is interesting to see how the design was altered in extremely diverse ways to its final icon. Some of the designs are more simplistic while others are more detailed and bold.

eat! cakes made with love - gorgeous lettering and illustration work - Federica Bonfanti

Benign Objects: Super Furry, Super Fabulous

The design of this logo is cool because the texture that the surrounding design poses. Also the array of colors make it seem 3D.