literally, this song always pops into my head when someone yells stop. Sort of ages me doesn't it? Bwahahaha

whos watching you? the police

Read the signs...

New Zealand

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22 Signs That Demand An Explanation - BuzzFeed Mobile

HAHAHA I actually cried laughing when I saw this!

Funny Signs

ha ha ha


More funny signs

so adorable


Wellll Theeen...

lol wut?

Street Sign

i laughed really hard at this.


The later at night it is, the funnier this picture gets.: Giggle, Funny Stuff, Batman, Humor, Funnies, Things, Smile, Funnystuff

Bwahahahaha -- I cannot think of anything to say about this one - Bwahahaha

THIS IS SO FUNNY. Ellen sends one of her producers to Costco and tells her to make friends, but she can only speak to them in song lyrics. OMG the old man at the end in the orange HAHAHAHAHA!!!