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blue fence and garden

a white house with blue picket fence. The red and yellow flowers with the blue fence are wonderful contrasting primary colors.

20 ไอเดียสุดบรรเจิด จัดสวนไซส์มินิบนพื้นที่จำกัด

Modern Balcony Garden Decor Small Balcony Garden Design Ideas - Ready for some fall gardening? Even if you reside in a very small place while not a yard, don't

peaceful and romantic...I want a porch swing

The final thing I'd love my dream house to have would be a perfectly huge weeping willow tree (or 3 or to add shade with shimmering light and a little enchantment to my backyard. It is perfect here with the swing!

คุณจะแทบไม่เชื่อว่า อิตาลียังมีแหล่งท่องเที่ยวเหมือนฝันหลบซ่อนอยู่!!

Spello, Umbria, Italy A Medieval town was built on the Roman foundations. The hikers love to get lost in the town’s streets web. In summer its streets get decorated with hundreds of flowers and justly is called one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.


Japanese Style Screen with Rolled Bamboo Base Great for My Personal Space! Bamboo rolls are used to run vertically with black painted lattice, creating a tranquil Japanese theme in this private backyard garden.

planter on back of chair <3

planter hooked on back of chair - pretty for your outdoor patio or where ever. idea for one of my wooden chairs

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Layered rock border ~ This really looks attractive as a border for a flowerbed. on the way to side yard

Manhã  de  sol

Lovely front porch bench with flowers.not much room to sit but it's beautiful.

Lovely Landscape...

So charming! A Cape Cod seaside garden . so sweet, simple and charming . yet very colorful in a subtle way

Outdoor room full of color, charm, and personality

Stumped about how to incorporate a pergola into your landscaping plans? Look here for all your answers for how to incorporate a flower bed, container garden, arranging patio furniture and how to add in extra privacy with your backyard pergola.


[Corn poppies (Papaver rhoeas) and bachelor buttons/cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus)]country fence and wildflowers. Wow I wonder where those wildflowers grow !

Multi Colored Roses on White Fence

Wooden garden arbors (arbours) are open frameworks designed to offer shady resting places in a garden or park. Arbors are often made of rustic work or latticework which serves as a trellis on which climbers may grow or on which creepers may be trained.