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What a beauty!

"Did you know all calico cats are female? Because females carry the chimera gene." Actually, all fertile calicos are female; some few males are calico but infertile.

livin-on-lovee: “ Kitty-adroable ”

Cute 2 month old white kitten My Caroilna looked like this and in a few months developed Siamese points.

So Sweet I love it and with all the dog pics I have on this board you would not believe I prefer cats (it's true I'm a cat person)

Calico kitten - I had a beautiful Calico Cat just like this one when I was in high school.

gato y ardilla

Cat and Squirrel are best friends! Background: The cat owners looked after the squirrel when it was a baby and injured. The two became friends and after the squirrel's release.

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Ragdolls are my favorite breed of cats! Those big blue eyes! (Ragdoll cat breeders - Ragdoll kittens for Sale in Ohio, Cincinnati, Columbus.

They never forget

In Ancient Egypt, Cats were considered GODS! CATS have not forgotten this! Boy- isn't That the Truth?) lol, but I still ♥ my cats Tabby & Zeeber all the same!