Easy DIY Anthropologie Confetti Tumblers

Hand dotted tumblers (using a Q-Tip!!!!)— so easy to make!

Dollar Store Stove Burner Covers Into a Tiered Tray. Perfect for cupcakes!

Glitter magnets...so easy!

Dollar store wine glasses dipped in chalkboard paint. I want to try this!

Did you know you can make cool DIY marbled mugs with nail polish? It's easy and you can have gorgeous mugs in minutes that cost less than a dollar each!

rubber bands wrapped around the vases, then spray it with the craft spray that 'etches' the glass & remove bands. (easy)

EASY Watercolor-Style Coffee Mug - Must try this!

Easy ribbon organization!

Photo magnet project #DIY

DIY confetti tumbler tutorial

DIY dessert stands. Goodwill or Dollar Store plates and glasses

Poke small holes in a dark lampshade to make a picture. Looks neat.

Buy plates from Dollar Store Use a Sharpie and decorate...Bake at 350 for 30 min. Becomes permanent and safe

All you need is some alcohol ink (available from craft stores) and some rubbing alcohol. After that, you can go to town experimenting with different techniques to create the effects you want! I love the splatter look that's going on in this version from All Thumbs Crafts,

Make your own projector using a shoe box, duct tape, magnifying glass, and your smart phone! That's crazy!! {what?!! Might have to try this... Backyard movie???}

so easy to do! and so cute!

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DIY Turn a Men's Necktie into a 2-Pocket Wristlet. Thrift store ties and cute for going out or as gifts to friends - Casual Crafter

Tutorial for making glass magnets. An easy teacher appreciation or Mother's Day gift idea.