In which case -- I love you and you and you and you!!!!

Very true



So true

So so true!

too true

Oh how we wish this was true LOL

So very true so be thankful for what you have

Love the sentiment here - and it's true!

so very, very true.

I love this quote! I'm so blessed to have some really memorable friends! Because god knows there are days I'm not always so loveable ;)

One of the benefits of working with really talented writers is that they are always coming up with quotes that inspire us, make us laugh, and have us saying, “So! True!” We’re an impatient bunch here at Think.Make.Share. We didn’t want to wait for these quotes to be printed on cards ...

There is no greater #agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. #MayaAngelou Everyone has a voice, you just need to find it and the courage to use it. Don't let anyone try to take it away from you or tell you that you don't have a voice!

Goodness, that's true.

Well said., always.

Words to live by...

Your eyes are useless when your mind is blind. ... Positive Quotes ... Be Sure To Visit ♥ ♥


Life <3