Bake cake, then poke full of holes. Make and pour 2 (4oz) packages of instant Oreo pudding over cake. Allow cake to cool, then refridgerate 1 hour. Top with crushed Oreo cookies.

Oreo Pudding Poke Cake. Chocolate cake, poke holes in it, pour cookies and cream pudding over it, and top with Oreo crumbs. Yum!

Red Velvet Poke Cake with cheesecake pudding.

Cream Biscuits (only 2 ingredients!)

1 box yellow cake mix, 2 eggs, half cup of oil and a cup of peanut butter. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 for the easiest, most delicious peanut butter cookies ever!.

This recipe is called cookies in a cloud. It is the one my friends always request me to make. Layer a 9x13 pan with chocolate chip cookies. Mix an 8 oz package of cream cheese, 1/2 cup of sugar and 1 egg and layer on top of cookies. Add another cookie layer on top of the cream cheese layer. Bake in the oven at 350 until the cookies are done.

Boston Cream Pie Poke Cake - how simple....and deelicious!

Oreo cake

Oreo Bomb Cake - Oreos (# pckges depends on how lrge a dish making) Cool Whip (1 tub per pack oreos) 1 glass of milk.optional chocolate or caramel sauce. Dunk your oreos in milk and line the bottom of a dish with them (You can use anything, casserole dish, pie pan, bread loaf pan, whatever).Spread a layer of cool whip over oreos.Dunk oreos in milk &make a 2nd layer.Cover w/cool whip.Repeat til dish full.Sprinkle with crushed cookies& drizzle w/chocolate or caramel as desired.Refrig 4 hrs

Jamie Cooks It Up!: Key Lime Poke Cake

Oreo pops--so cute to send in to classrooms for birthday treat or as a bouquet decorating birthday gift.

I am not so found of the name of this dessert...but it looks so YUMMY, that I had to save it to make next spring. :)

Strawberry Cheesecake Poke Cake~Very good and refreshing for a summer day.

Chocolate cake: if you need a chocolate fix this is it!

Carrot Cake Poke Cake Recipe.

The Galley Gourmet: Patriotic Poke Cake

White Chocolate Carrot Poke Cake carrot cake mix sweetened cond milk white chocolate pudding mix milk

Cream cheese coffee cake

miscellaneousdesserts: Oreo Cream Filled Bundt Cake (recipe)