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BUMBLEFOOT in Chickens: Causes & treatment. **WARNING: Graphic Photos**

A really good description and graphical of bumblefoot surgery. Bumblefoot is an infection in a chicken's foot that can be fatal if left untreated. You must remove the infection.

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Flock Block Substitute Recipe. Healthy Boredom Buster for Chickens

This looks like a GREAT idea for winter when there isn't as much green stuff to keep the chickens busy. The Chicken Chick®: Flock Block Substitute Recipe. Healthy Boredom Buster for Chickens

We never thought we would be the homestead that would have to deal with coccidiosis, let alone beat it before it destroyed our entire flock

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5 Tips for a Cleaner Coop with Less Effort

Tips for a Cleaner Coop with Less Effort. Great ideas, including sand as bedding, "pooper scooper," ACV, and dropping boards.

Apple garlands chickens ~ a variety of goodies like apple, popcorn, beets, grapes, zucchini. hang the garlands in the run for the chickens to peck at. Remove the strings once they eat the treats so they don't choke on them.

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Fowl Pox Prevention & Treatment

Fowl pox is a highly contagious viral infection in poultry that causes painful sores on a chicken's skin. Also referred to as Avian Pox, Sorehead, Avian Diphtheria and Chicken Pox, it is unrelated to human chicken pox and cannot be contracted by people from birds. Fowl pox occurs in two forms, Dry and Wet pox and while there is no cure, Fowl Pox can be prevented and the symptoms, treated.

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Molting. What is it and How to Help Chickens Get Through It