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Africa | Bull mask from the Bidjogo people of Bissagos Islands, Guinea-Bissau | Wood, pigment, ox horns, natural fiber

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Antique Beautiful early 1800's primitive FRENCH Wooden rolling Toy HORSE

Minoa. The Bull was a central theme in the Minoan civilization, with bull heads and bull horns used as symbols in the Knossos palace. Minoan frescos and ceramics depict the bull-leaping ritual in which participants of both sexes vaulted over bulls by grasping their horns. Crete For the Greeks, the bull was strongly linked to the Bull of Crete: Theseus of Athens had to capture the ancient sacred b...See More

Late Minoan 1B (ca. 1450 BCE) carved chlorite bull's head with gilded horns from Zakros BUlls were huge in this culture and era. The face is very low saturated while the horns are highly saturated. Bulls represent a figure like bull that is not animated