Lego Area & Perimeter...OMG my boys in 6th grade would LOVE this...ok and who am I boyfriend hahaha

Love this visual for area and perimeter!

Math activity created by my 3rd grade student. They had to find the area and the perimeter for their drawings.

Teaching Area, Perimeter and Volume with Minecraft - learning with Minecraft MATH

E is for Explore!: CHEEZ-IT Area & Perimeter

Practice finding area with this game!

Lego fractions! Legos are so useful, I never even thought of this! They've gotta be so much cheaper than the blocks typically used in math.

Students create their "dream houses" and find the area of each room, and the total rectilinear area. SUCH a fun way to reinforce area concepts! (FREE activity!)

Amazing ideas!!!!10 Hands-On Strategies for Teaching Area and Perimeter

Students will love creating area and perimeter robots! This make a perfect performance task or culminating activity!

multiplication/area game

Hands on Fun with Area and Perimeter - Check out these teaching ideas to plan a hands on lesson about area and perimeter that's sure to be lots of fun!

Self portrait mosaics used to find the perimeter, area, and fractions that would make their art piece a "Math Mosaic."

Create name on grid paper. Figure out perimeter of each letter. Add all letters to find total perimeter. Anchored In 3rd Grade

Area and perimeter self-portraits

Last month, we had been working on identifying area and perimeter in math. So, I thought a fun activity to wrap up our unit could be this Cheez-It activity I saw on Pinterest. I modified it a tiny bit for my kids but they definitely enjoyed it nonetheless. I mean, workbook activity vs. Cheez-Its?! My activity was [...]

Area and perimeter

Area and Perimeter Anchor Chart :D Correlates with 3rd grade CCSS - 3.MD.5, 3.MD.6, 3.MD.8

Teaching perimeter, area, and volume.

Fourth Grade Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating: Perimeter and Area Problems--Cooperation Time!