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  • Lisa Hartman

    hostas and hydrangeas...gorgeous! Two favs together! I wanna green thumb!

  • Melissa Gallagher

    hostas and hydrangeas ~ gorgeous partners!! Hostas are easy-going plants and come in shades of green, and green with white. A mildy acidic soil gets you the pink hydrangeas. A mild base pH willl give you blue hydrangeas.

  • Denise Rotello

    hostas and hydrangeas ~ gorgeous partners!! my favorite flowers @Darby Walker

  • Catie Sentes

    hostas and hydrangeas ~ gorgeous partners!! *raised flower beds around deck

  • Patsy Hinnenkamp

    hostas and hydrangeas ~ for the side yard

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Hostas, Hydrangeas and clematis in pots create an urban garden

Pink hydrangeas and hostas... gorgeous

Are you ready for spring? I am! I love all the greenery along this landscaped walkway.

climbing hydrangea....I love!!!!

hostas and hydrangeas ~ gorgeous partners!!

Hydrangea & hosta - this reminds me to move my hosta in front of my hydrangea in the spring

PERFECT PAIRINGS 'Hydrangeas look great in generous sweeps...make your borders sing, pair them with HOSTAS in the foreground. Both LOVE PARTIAL SHADE and PLENTY OF WATER. Ferns will work fabulously too.

Plan for the future when you are old and cannot do gardening (or you are lazy right now, but like nice exteriors. This is the easiest scenario: Hydrangeas and Hostas..

container planting of hydrangea blue wave + hosta fortunei francee + hedera...maybe this is what I need to do with hydrangeas, put them in a pot. I am not having luck with the one I planted 3 years ago in the ground

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