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  • Nicole Morsaint

    bathroom shelf, Old medicine chest?

  • Debra Couch

    Display shelves made from a wooden box or wine crate and a frame.

  • Theresa Roberts

    Display Shelves from a Wooden Box and Old Picture Frame

  • Coloradoevie

    Very cool. A frame could be used over an old inset medicine cabinet, too. Display Shelves

  • Sasha Broadstone

    Bathroom shelving is hard to come by. Rarely does a bathroom come outfitted with additional storage space for all of your toiletries (at least the ones with beautifully designed labels). Instead of buying a run of the mill shelf, here is a great solution using a wine box and an old frame. This is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project that can quickly add a punch of character to a bathroom or also an entryway or hallway. Since the shelving is fairly shallow, it is great for smaller spaces. To make the shelf, simply remove the back of the wine crate and use some of those pieces to make shelves for the interior of the box. Add a unique finish by fastening an old frame to the front of the box. Once that is done, spray paint the entire unit for the desired look. Krylon Crystal Color was used here to achieve that antique finish.

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Love the idea.. and the bf thought it was cute too as the picture frame - project!

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