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And then it turns right back to white again. STORY OF MY LIFE

Happens every single day of my life. I need to be more of a morning person...

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It's a ginger thing #130: When people tease you for putting sunscreen on when it's shady out and you tell them, Look the sun will find me. Redhead problems, Ginger problems, Red hair, MC1R.

I just don't understand some of these pins on here. Let's be honest, being pale and having brown hair makes you just as much of a "stereotypical" white girl as any tan, blonde one. Shoot, let's just go ahead and add pale/tan red heads to it too. :) Have a nice day, white girls.

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I Get This Many Times When I Have Hit The Wall Whether It's When Doing An Assignment Or Reading A Book.

Every morning-this is one of my firs thoughts! Don't judge me!!