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Big bunny smile , and a good chance for humans to see up close what healthy bunny teeth should look like. Which by the way is a MUST. This is something I believe MANY people thinking about getting a pet rabbit DON'T realize. Therefore a rabbit savvy vet is a must!!! DP

Herman, the world's biggest bunny. HERMAN. All bunnies should be named after old men.

Baby Bunny begging? What's next? Karaoke? The little guy has to sing for his supper, his carrots? Please, just let the baby bunny be fluffy! LOL (Just Kidding, cute pic!)

I would love to have a bunny for a classroom pet. My mom's kindergarten class has one and he is so good with the kids. They all work together to take care of him.

These are called Arctic Hares, they are basically bunny pups.

There are no words adequate to express my happiness when I see this picture.

HANDSOME OLD MAN LIONHEAD BUNNY.holy cow that is some fluffy cuteness

I know it's trite, but these baby animals are just so damned cute. Bunnies, for the love of Pete.