Bianca and Nico

Never thought of this... I agree

Humph i cant help but not like jason. Its in my blood jk i dunno i like percy better. Just sumpin abt jason that screams IDIOT

Try not to cry

Ah.. nico...

Nico Bianca

When I read this in the HoO books, I knew, our little Percy was growing up. *tear ups*<< I mean, seriously, that twelve-year-old boy now knows how to drive! Sorry for being too emotional.

Nico Di' Angelo

Nico and Bianca, Leo and his mom

Bianca and Nico Di Angelo

Nico *sniffle* seeing his mother's ghost in the Underworld

Bianca and Nico Di Angelo - Oh, look, there went my heart.....

Nico has a really cute laugh but nobody knows because he never laughs <<< head canon accepted

Boom ur dead

The real Nico!

If Bianca had lived....



Bianca and Nico Di Angelo He actually lookes happy in this picture

"This rebel can't be tamed." "I think Leo stopped breathing, he's laughing so hard." XD