drive in

going to the A drive-in!

Old cars and drive-in movies

The Hollywood sign originally said "Hollywoodland" when it was installed in 1923. The last four letters were deleted when the sign was refurbished in 1949

Speakers from the Drive-In Movie

drive-ins...what a pity they've gone.

Phone Booth - a thing of the past

Fotomat Drive Thru

Dinner at the drive-in 1952..

Drive-in Movie Theater Speaker *, remember these? Sounded like crap, if you ever really did watch the movie lol.

I used to love playing with these at my grandma's house.

Chicago, Lake Shore Drive, looking South from North Ave., 1941 by Andreas Feininger



Drive-in theater, Chicago, 1951.

so dang cute(: talk about true friends!

Hoboken, New Jersey, 1954, photo by Elliott Erwitt

Girl Scout badges

Juke Box.

Idaho, 1952

1974 Gremlin