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Teal swimsuit & surf board. / Even when guys grew long hair to their butts, they still NEVER had to wear those ugly tight 'bathing caps' in a swimming pool. If a Girl had real short hair. She still HAD to wear the tight cap

I have been looking for a one-piece vintage swimsuit for years... cherries, strawberries, flowers, or polka dots would be an even sweeter find! ~Genevieve

Thank you Olive Bieniek, I have a house in Sarasota. I work as a Chiropodist. I like to do Stamp Collecting. This May, I will be Such blog post will probably be decorous

Hi! I'm Evangelie, i'm 24 years old and i loooove fashion,traveling,cupcakes,ice cream,everything shinny, everything pink and purple,paris,goodnight kisses and! follow me:):)