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24 Insanely Clever Gifts For Book Lovers

Didn't know these existed and was TOTALLY surprised to receive one at Christmas! Perfect gift for any book lover who is trying to build a beautiful library. It adds the perfect touch of ownership and elegance. :-)

Ceramic bunny butt cotton ball dispenser! Ha! (DIY with thrift store bunny knick-knacks? There should be lots out for Easter!)

Need this in the RV shower area? Retractable indoor clothesline

This Bar Soap Grater Dispenser is an internet concept idea and not for sale, but that just means I need to create a DIY equivalent or just preshave soap bars! Whenever I use liquid pump soap too much always comes out and I am reminded of how wasteful the packaging is; this innovation would reduce packaging and encourage conservative use of bar soap! And I'll purchase organic, locally made soaps of course. The cost of this item is a cheese grateror the materials to try to make the above…