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    • Marykaye

      Remember - Do you have Prince Albert in a can? The traditional Christmas gift for Dad.

    • beeg

      This was my grandfather's "bank." He left several thousand dollars in it and told my dad where to find it.

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    My grandma would send me and my sister to Safeway with a couple of bags of glass bottles

    Absolutely true. We didn't wear helmets,( or pads), for anything, not on bikes ,not on roller skates, skateboards, ice skating! If we fell down or skinned our knees elbows or anything else and you weren't bleeding profusely, we shook it off. When we went outside to play, and used our imaginations and played swords with sticks and metal garbage can lids,Cowboys and Indians, we made bows and arrows out of sticks and string, we played matchboxes, we played house, after it rained we made mudpies, climbed trees, we rode our banana seat bikes with streamers and baseball cards in your spokes, hide and seek ,red rover , flash lite tag in the summer, checkers and board games on the back porch, we caught fireflies,then when it rained ,you had friends over, and we couldn't wait till the rain was over so we could go back outside.. Please add your childhood memories and pin and pass this on!!Love This! Ah....the Memories!

    pap did this for me to all the coal trucks.

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    Candy cigarettes

    doyoulikevintage: A carhops

    I remember the good old days! As a kid we sure didn't act like the mouthy kids of today!

    Vintage floral china

    Sharon Tate (front), Barbara Parkins (left), Patti Duke (right)

    Do you remember Dentyne gum

    Ice cream

    mothers always said this when we were kids in the 50's and 60's

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    ♥ Good times! ♥

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    To be young again... I would do it again if I knew everything I have already learned. Maybe I could do it right the second time around.