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Krav Maga Defense for Knife Attack from Behind

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • Hostage! Knife from rear disarming

Tutorial Krav Maga Defenses Against Knife Attacks

Krav Maga: Defense against Knife Threat to Throat (attacker in back)

Krav Maga is primarily self defence. People should stop promoting it as a fitness tool =.=

"In this free video clip learn how to properly defend against and administer frontal gun attacks according to Krav Maga teachings for self defense training." See also:

Krav Maga - The Best Defense krav can be used by everyone no age or strength limits

Krav Maga: Defense against Knife Threat to Throat (attacker in front)

Krav Maga Techniques: Defense Against Attacks with a Stick

Krav Maga, The Best Defense, by the International Krav Maga Foundation #kravmaga

Great Videos .. but practice practice practice....practice!! each movement is just one (1) moment in time... always think of the next move before your first and your third before your second.... FIGHT ENDERS!!