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Turn a toilet paper roll into a bird feeder! All you need is peanut butter, bird seed, and a cardboard tube; great kids craft!

How to Grow Lettuce in Containers

Grab your favorite bottle of wine to make a delicious jelly! Wine jelly makes a yummy accompaniment to sweet or savory foods and it's great for gift giving.

17 {Fantastic} Fairy Gardens ~ curated by Pam on her 'House of Hawthornes' blog. Here is the original site: AWESOME ideas and tips!

Tips for gardeners on nutrition and supplements to help look after your health and protect against aches and pains.

Fairy Gardening 101: How to Design, Plant, Grow, and Create Over 25 Miniature Gardens by Fiona McDonald provides you with all the information necessary to design, plant, and care for your very own miniature garden oasis.

Basil is delicious, easy to grow, and easy to care for! Learn how to prune your basil correctly so it grows big and bushy!

Dividing plants a guide to why, when, which, how and a cheat sheet for common perennials. Really all you need to know about Dividing the plants in your garden!

Unique bicycle planters - such a creative DIY gardening idea.

Turn an old claw foot bathtub into a fabulour little container garden pond with this free tutorial.

How to transplant tomatoes: Learn how to transplant tomato seedlings into larger containers so you can grow them outdoors!

Gather fragrant clipping from your herbs to make wonderful firestarters for your home or as a gift.

Growing your own figs is an easy way to start into home fruit production. Add these simple tips to an easy-to-grow crop and you're setup for success.

Garden Tour - Roots North & South

Learn how to harvest herbs so that your plants keep growing and producing throughout the season!

Learn how to easily make your own handmade paper from scrap paper and press flowers.

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Learn how easy it is to turn dollar store candles into works of art.

Turn twigs into plant markers for your garden! So easy and so cute!

Every year I say the same thing.....I'm going to start a compost bin. Every year I don't. Any gardener who wants to grow organically knows that you have to start with healthy soil. There's no bette...

Succulents your guide to these beautiful, hardy, drought tolerant, multiplying gems of the garden. Way beyond the cactus! Come learn & look at all the pretty choices in the world of succulents.

Plant Nasturtium with cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, and fruit trees to repel squash bugs, white flies, and cucumber beetles. The blooms also keep aphids from nibbling on fruit trees.