There's so much bohemian chic love here in this fab space! #icovet #decor

I stinkin LOVE those colors! And the tiles and clay are incredible together!

Ignore the coach, even though it is cool, but the wall gives me an awesome idea. We could take one of the walls in the apartment, and we could just stick pictures and articles that we really like onto the wall. It could be a wall of us. It would be awesome! I am ignoring the thought that it will be filling up a lot of garbage bags when we move.

corner gallery wall

Colorful boho living space

Art is everything

I could live in a space like this <3

Perfection - bold colors + unique print, loving this sitting chair #Reupholster #home

Boho living

Interior Designs with Bohemian Bedding.

bohemian homes

Boho bathroom- WANT to do this in the bedroom and possibly bathroom Metal Art Rustic Editions

Wall #Deco #Office #hall

now, that's a wall.

happy place

Bohemian Living

Need to make one of these to hang in the window

Bohemian Chic Style are rich in patterned fabrics, colorful walls and have been a decorating style going back to Gypsy culture of the late 19th century and the Bloomsbury Group in the early 20th century in England,

Good wall. The Allianah Pink Purple Blue Mandala Hippie Boho Bohemian Queen Tapestry

bohemian room