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There's so much bohemian chic love here in this fab space! #icovet #decor

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Boho bathroom- WANT to do this in the bedroom and possibly bathroom Metal Art Rustic Editions

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corner gallery wall

My Paradissifrom My Paradissi

This is so 2010..





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Ignore the coach, even though it is cool, but the wall gives me an awesome idea. We could take one of the walls in the apartment, and we could just stick pictures and articles that we really like onto the wall. It could be a wall of us. It would be awesome! I am ignoring the thought that it will be filling up a lot of garbage bags when we move.




Home Sweet Home

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Oberto Gili


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Those walls....that rug..... La Maison Boheme. Love peeling walls, stacks of books, guilded frames, richly patterned rug

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Turquoise walls #bathroom #decor #design

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"Luna Parc", home of artist Ricky Boscarino. I want to like LIVE here, sight unseen! This is wildly creative!

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rich pillows

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☯☮ॐ American Hippie Bohemian Style Wanderlust DIY Crafts ~ OMG, make your own hanging beaded boho curtain!

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bohemian homes


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This Boho room is a little much for me personally, in my home, but I would love to visit someone who has this. It's beautiful and fun!!

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Sari bed canopy



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Vintage Wall Art.

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Pretty Boho

Pretty boho-chic room. So many elements. Bohemian Inspiration!

Home Decorating Trends - Homeditfrom Home Decorating Trends - Homedit

How to Achieve Bohemian (or “Boho-Chic”) Style

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How to Achieve Bohemian (or “Boho-Chic”) Style I would call this very polished boho style - too planned looking!

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bohemian bedroom

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love this wall, so much.