Drive-ins with the tray on the window. Miss that tray on the window! Brings back memories! ~

This really brings back some memories!!!!!!

Drive-in movie Speakers

Drive-in movies.

1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!!


Ms Pac-Man AND going to the Arcade! Definitely used in advertising too ... we used the Pac-Man module for a Remegel launch at Warner-Lambert ... A soft chewable antacid to compliment Rolands, another W-L brand I worked on in the early 80's, Marcie Fleischman

Remember doing this....wrap your boyfriends class ring with yarn so it would fit your finger?

Remember reaching into a huge cooler the size of a chest freezer, and pulling out a drink that was dripping with ice cold water, and popping the bottle cap off with the built in bottle opener at the country store?

The Hamm's Beer Bear. "From the Land of Sky Blue Waters".

Loved the Sears Catalog Christmas Wish Book!

They were a little bit less than tasty, not very nutritious, but were the "in" thing to eat. You were a part of the modern age!

Going to the front of the room to sharpen your pencil.....

Highlights makes me think of going to the Drs office, it was the only fun thing about it!

Suitcases loved the pockets

A & W root beer... and teen burger, with bacon mmmmm

Brach's Root Beer Barrels. Loved to get mix n' match bags of the bulk Brach's Candy as a kid.

my favorite!

I remember when #retro

bean bag ash trays