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Yesterday's Style For Today's Tech

The hipster within me wants this so badly, almost as much as the old school phone receiver that hooks into your iPhone...

Build Your Own Cardboard Bluetooth Speaker Boombox — Daily Tech Find

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The Horn-A-Phone - iHorn -- Large Brass Acoustic Speaker Upright Horn Dock - Acoustic Speaker System Docking Station CHERRY only - Patina

A wood-and-brass acoustic iPhone dock: music to the traditionalist's ears. #etsy #etsyfinds

Ashcreek Poncho

want! want! WANT!!! If only I had an unbelievably large bank account, and absolutely no sense of responsibility.

Tempo Drop Weather Forecasting Storm Glass

Tempo Drop Weather Forecasting Storm Glass changes from clear to cloudy to crystal flakes, predicts whether the weather will be clear, cloudy or rainy.