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  • Stephanie Lindsay

    Lamium - SHADE GROUND COVER Lamium is an excellent, easy-care groundcover. Most types bloom through the summer, producing clusters of pink or white flowers. Even when they're not blooming, they have great silver-marked foliage that brightens up shady corners. What a beautiful alternative to a struggling lawn! Name: Lamium maculatum Growing Conditions: Full shade and moist, well-drained soil Size: 8 inches tall Zones: 4-8

  • Stephanie Lindsay

    Tough Perennials that grow in dry shade - READ ARTICLE Dry shade can make for a gardening challenge: no sun, no lawn. And because it's dry, most common shade plants (which are native to moist, wo...

  • Amanda Van Der Beesen

    Deadnettle - add to shade garden as a groundcover plant

  • Angela Dawn

    Lamium - good ground cover for shaded areas of the yard

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Name: Lilyturf, (Liriope) An easy-to-grow favorite shade perennial. Loved for its grassy foliage and spikes of blue or white flowers in late summer, as well as its resistance to deer and rabbits, lilyturf is practically a plant-it-and-forget garden resident. It grows best in Zones 5-10 and grows a foot tall. Test Garden Tip: Lilyturf can be a fast, almost aggressive spreader when it's happy.

Lamium Starting in mid-spring, Lamium produces clusters of pink or white flowers. This delightful groundcover can rebloom off and on through the summer, creating months of color. And even when its not blooming, the silver-infused foliage brightens up shady corners. Lamium usually stays about 8 inches tall and grows best in Zones 4-8.

Weed-smothering groundcover: Vinca - Enjoy vinca's colorful blooms from spring through fall. The blue, purple, or white flowers provide a colorful accent to the shiny, green foliage. This easy, adaptable groundcover tolerates a wide range of soil conditions. Note: It can also grow very quickly -- to the point some gardeners call it invasive. Name: Vinca minor. Growing Conditions: Part to full shade and moist, well-drained soil. Size: 8 inches tall. Zones: 4-9

Japanese Forestgrass-weed killing ground covers -Ornamental grasses are a beautiful way to add texture to the landscape. Low-growing forms are great groundcovers -- and Japanese forestgrass is one of the best. It comes in glowing shades of gold and chartreuse, and forms flowing mounds that hug the ground

shade plants...Lamium, Hosta - Lamium is an amazing ground cover that can fill a bed in one or two seasons - pink or purple flowers

Bishops Weed - groundcover plant with a fast, AGGRESSIVE spread. Use it on shaded or partially shaded slopes or in large woodland areas where it can take over and have the run of the space. Choose the variegated variety, considered slightly slower-growing, to add brightness to the shade. Bishop's weed reaches about a foot tall and drops its leaves in winter. Zones 4-9

shade plants...Lamium, Hosta - Lamium is an amazing ground cover that can fill a bed in one or two seasons - pink or purple flowers

Easy Groundcovers Let easy-growing groundcovers be the solution to your landscaping problems. Here are some of the best groundcovers for your yard. By Kelly D. Norris

Creeping Buttercup Here's a buttercup that no gardener should be without. 'Buttered Popcorn' offers bright, chartreuse-splattered foliage that's truly electric in the shade garden. While the foliage is the main attraction, creeping buttercup also offers golden flowers in late spring and early summer. Name: Ranunculus repens Growing Conditions: Part to full shade and well-drained soil Size: 3 inches tall Zones: 4-9

Crested iris, sometimes known as woodland iris, is a native of eastern North America and can be found in variety of forms and patterns in blue and white. Once established, they are carefree, cheery groundcovers for the woodland garden.