Photographer :: Paolo Roversi. Model :: Natalia Vodianova.

Natalia Vodianova photographed by Paolo Roversi.

Gorgeous brunette with long hair, purple flowers, classic glamour pose, striking an appearance!

Natalia Vodianova by Paolo Roversi

Nadja by Paolo Roversi

Paolo Roversi x Natalia Vodianova MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PICTURE. Discovered in the London Portraits Museum.

Paolo Roversi

© Paolo Roversi | Natalia Vodianova...

"Dancer in the dream" Natalia Vodianova by Peter Lindbergh Vogue China, May 2010 #NataliaVodianova #PeterLindbergh #VogueChina #Vogue #Supermodel

Werewolf eyes

those eyes

"No... I didn't know." She looked up, her eyes not landing on the person in front of her but rather drifting to the open window. The weather was free outside, free of the words that still hung in the air like aged cobwebs. Her eyes stung, tears welling up but not falling. She couldn't cry. Not yet.


Story Inspiration : Character : female

Though it may seem that I've focused solely on musings of Caucasian heritage, it's simply not the case... I focus on the eyes and red hair, which coincidently are more evident in Caucasian individuals... But it is possible in individuals of other nationalities. Fab Freckles and eyes....



Paolo Roversi, Lucie

Natalia Vodianova by Paolo Roversi